The Exciting Story of VDNKh Centre, Moscow

The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (Russian acronym VDNKh), is the largest recreation, exposition and museum complex in the world. It is also one of the most popular public spaces in Moscow. The area of 325 hectares is visited by about 33 million people every year.

Historical pavilions and modern complexes, ponds and fountains, walkways and flower gardens, sculptures and arches and more than 50 cultural heritage sites. There are more than 80 thematic pavilions here. More than 100 international exhibitions and congresses, dozens of festivals and special events, as well as new expositions, are held here yearly. With the revival of the open-air theatre the Exhibition achieved the status of popular outdoor events stage, where perform best world-known musicians and artists.

The story of this Exhibition Complex is also unbelievable and spectacular.
It was opened in August 1939. The VDNKh was built to showcase and celebrate the agricultural, technological and industrial reaching of the Soviet and its lifestyle.

Unfortunately, almost all expositions were closed in the exhibition pavilions by 1994. Then only an entertainment park remained an untouched place, where you could spend your leisure time. Other places of the Exhibition turned into clothing markets and barbecue street cafes.

Despite the barbaric use of the pavilions and the breakdown of full-fledged exhibition work, the VDNKh exhibition managed to preserve most of its unique architectural complexes.

The VDNKh created pavilions dedicated to each of the 15 Soviet Socialistic Republics and different spheres of Industry. Each pavilion is unique, with an imitation of traditional art, architecture and specific peculiarities of the represented republic.

The colorful intense features are two highly decorated fountains. The first, People`s Friendship Fountain is situated in the second square from the main gate. It is surrounded by 16 gold-filled female figures dressed in ethnic costumes; each figure represents one Soviet republic. Further, you can see the second, breath-taking Stone Flower Fountain. It is covered with semiprecious stones from the Ural territory.

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the VDNKh name was changed several times. However, in 2014, Moscow citizens voted to return to its original Soviet appellation.

In spring 2014 was launched a large-scale reconstruction of the VDNKh commemorated the 75th Anniversary of this Exhibition centre. The level of reconstruction was really incredible.

Punto Design Company took part in the renovation of almost the entire territory of the VDNKh. For example, you can find our mobile chairs close to the fountain “Golden spike”.

Their special feature is that they are not location-specific. It is very good for the big company; you can place them in any comfortable arrangement. These chairs are easy to move, but at the same time, they are safe and stable. Also, thanks to the special coverage you do not need annual colouring and renewal. Collections “Fly”, “Techno“ and “REF” are very popular among visitors.

Punto Design furniture is presented almost in every part of the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy. Outdoor benches, curved and modular; comfortable sun loungers, bike racks, litter bins and trash cans, swivelled benches and chairs – Punto Design collections are designed in collaboration with world-known architects Michel Pena and Arturo Erbsman.

Published on May 20, 2021

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