The Northern River Terminal, Moscow

The Northern River Terminal, also known as the Five Seas port is a popular Moscow landmark. In various years it has served as a harbour, a venue for making films and a place for romantic walks. In the 90s, the river terminal building was handed over to restaurants and offices. In 2010, it was closed due to dilapidated condition, needing high-quality renewal…

It was the first river station in the USSR that was constructed under the idea of moving away from a purely functional approach and pay attention to the aesthetic side. The successful synthesis of architecture, sculpture and painting made the station building an outstanding example of the Stalinist Empire style.

Built in 1937, the Northern River Terminal is one of two river transport stations in Moscow. Abandoned in 2010, the terminal and its surrounding park are now undated and opened as a museum and recreation center.

The building of the North River Station on the bank of the Moscow Canal and surrounding territory were finally transformed after big reconstruction in 2020. The improvement of the park area was the culmination of the renovation. More than three thousand shrubs and over four thousand square meters of flowerbeds were planted on 49 hectares! During the autumn-winter period, seven thousand trees were planted in the park.

Punto Design Company made a big difference in the improvement of the River Station territory. Several collections of outdoor benches, comfortable sun lounges, litter bins, bicycle racks, planters and even tables for playing chess. All these products are made in one style. The company used environmentally friendly wood and galvanized steel with powder coating with an increased level of reliability and a unique design.

Throughout reconstruction, the North River Station area has changed beyond recognition. It has turned into a modern walking area and has become a new place of attraction for citizens and metropolitan visitors. All the essential ingredients of the Project are made in a specific style. The embankment, the piers and the station square look like one composition. The design of the details reveals a river theme. Natural materials and corresponding colours – beige, grey and white are used in decoration. The Station restoration project became the Winner of the third international award “Golden Trezzini-2020” in the category “Best Completed Restoration / Reconstruction Project”.

Nowadays the reconstructed territory of the North River Station is not only a transport facility but also a place of rest. It is used for filming and holding citywide events. Punto Design Company is proud to be part of an amazing transformation of the Northern River Terminal.

Published on May 4, 2021

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