How the Punto Fit sports complex became an integral part of IKEA in Russia

Shopping centers have already moved away from the concept of a “big store”. Today they present global entertainment complexes that provide many opportunities for mass leisure: shopping, cinemas, food courts, sports grounds, etc. One of the trendsetters who have made this approach more popular here in Russia is the world-famous brand IKEA.

The brand development strategy, in addition to the three basic priorities – healthy and environmentally friendly living at home, caring for the climate and fair treatment and equal opportunities – also implies an introduction to a healthy lifestyle. IKEA, together with the Russian MEGA shopping centers, make sports more accessible to its visitors and residents of nearby areas: many of them have sports grounds and skating rinks, and there is a rental of sports equipment.

This way, in 2020, on the territory of MEGA Nizhny Novgorod, Russia was opened a sports ground with total size of 10,500 m2 with workout areas, a climbing wall, a basketball court and other equipment. Investments in the project amounted to 66.5 million rubles.

Another sports ground appeared in the Khimki Business Park, Moscow region, thanks to which about 2,000 employees who work in this business center have the opportunity to do CrossFit on the open air. Sports facilities have opened in MEGA Rostov-on-Don, MEGA Yekaterinburg and MEGA Omsk.

The familiarizing with a healthy lifestyle and the creation of points of attraction takes place with the participation of Punto Design. The company takes part in the creation of sports grounds near shopping centers, providing partners from IKEA and MEGA with multifunctional sports complexes Punto Fit. One of the recent examples of cooperation is the renovation of a sports ground in Yekaterinburg, Russia. On an impressive area of 13,500 m2, you can find landscape park, a mountainous park, Scandinavian-style recreation areas, playgrounds and a sports area with Punto Fit as the main facility.

What is Punto Fit?

“Punto Fit” — it is a versatile sports complex in 4 configurations, with dozens of equipment, consisting of strong and resistant materials. Up to 30 people can train there at the same time, which promotes organization of new urban communities.

The versatility of our Punto Fit sports complex makes it a kind of construction set that you can assemble according to your tasks. Workout, weightlifting, boxing, gymnastics, CrossFit, rock climbing – the complex is suitable for athletes of all levels and ages.

Each modification of the Punto Fit can be additionally equipped with special sports facilities, like horizontal bars, crossbars, barbells, parallel bars, a basketball hoop, etc.

It is important to underline that “Punto Fit” has a quality certification from the German expert organization TÜV SÜD – a guarantor of safety and reliability.

Each Punto Fit complex is equipped with QR codes with an exercise program. To read them, just bring a smartphone with a camera. The Punto Fit can also be retrofitted with stand-alone lighting, solar panels, USB chargers and additional sports equipment.

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Published on July 16, 2021

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