Punto Design Project: “Yauza Park” in Moscow — the Way the World’s Longest Eco-Park is Being Created 

The authors of the project: Kirill Tesler`s/Valery Telichenko Architectural bureau, Kirill Tesler, Julia Mironova, Alexey Novikov, Denis Grach, Alexandr Pchelintsev, Petr Gordeev, Yuri Kovalev, Maksim Roschin, Sofia Pakhmanova, Olga Kozhukhar, Anastasia Morozova

Street furniture for the project: Punto Design

Sports equipment for the project: Punto Design

“Yauza Park” is one of the large-scale projects of the urban redevelopment of the capital of Russia. It occupies more than 600 he of the inundabile territories of the river Yauza and connects Moscow and Moscow region. Never-ending green route that represents a full-fledged eco-park with a length of about 20 kilometers will become the longest project in the world after the final construction.

The singularity of this project

Several points of attraction that are combined to each other

The bottom-land of the river Yauza is one-of-a-kind ecosystems that includes several parks and gardens. The main points of attraction appear at this territory during the improvement process. They will be connected to each other with 4 types of routes – which are interconnected by four types of routes: cross-country, entertainment, educational and ecological. Particular attention is paid to the “Islands of Silence” – places where you can retire, watch nature and enjoy the singing of birds. Such points were placed away from transit zones, sports and cycling routes.

Unique flora and fauna 

Another feature of this territory is a rich flora and fauna, some of the inhabitants of the floodplain are listed in the Red Book of Moscow. For this reason, the authors of the project were faced with the important task of preserving these places.

Thus, the natural shoreline, meadow grasses and wetlands remain untouched, which helps to preserve the unique eco-space in the city center.

Close connection with local people

The scale of the project emphasizes the number of residents living in the immediate vicinity of the park – 950 thousand people. Since they are the “participants” of the new project, its authors resorted to Big Data to analyze the urban agglomeration. This made it possible to identify local centers of population activity – this information helped to most successfully locate points of attraction.

Punto Design in “Yauza Park”: sports equipment and outdoor furniture 

The newest area already open to visitors is the 590 square meter sports territory. Fans of an active lifestyle in the park will find a football field, tennis courts, a skate park, a streetball court and sports equipment for workout and OCR from Punto Design – Punto Ninja, Punto Parkour and Punto Fit sports complexes.

In addition, benches and litter bins from our collections are installed in the park for the comfortable relaxation of guests. All products are made from environmentally friendly materials – thermowood and powder coated galvanized steel.

Punto Ninja

This is a 24 meters long frame, designed in collaboration with Tesler Architects and one of the main Russian obstacle course racing professionals, Vitaly Potapov.

Dozens of activities for OCR (obstacle races), 6 route options at once, differing in difficulty levels – especially for athletes of different training levels and ages. All shells are mainly aimed at developing coordination, dexterity and strength of the arms and shoulder girdle, and the possibility of practicing climbing techniques is also provided.

Punto Parkour

Punto Parkour is a parkour playground, multifunctional sports equipment designed for teaching and training parkour in public places. The elements are made of anti-slip HPL plastic, and the complex itself complies with the international standard DIN16899-2018.

The ground in “Park Yauza” is a custom solution with the title “Park Yauza”. Each of the letter elements is functional, and together they form a platform that is suitable for all athletes, regardless of their level of training.

Punto Fit

Punto Fit is a versatile sports facility in 4 configurations, with dozens of equipment, strong and reliable materials, for up to 30 people. The sports complex has a TÜV SÜD safety certificate. In “Park Yauza” we have installed an 8.4-meter-long frame with more than 10 types of activities: handlebars, parallel bars, a boxing bag, etc.

Each modification of the Punto Fit is equipped with specialized sports equipment: horizontal bars, crossbars, barbells, parallel bars, a basketball hoop, etc.

“Today it is the largest landscaping project in the capital. In place of neglected areas, landfills, we now have a large natural park. We preserve the ecology of the Yauza River and its tributary, the Chermyanka. The project continues, about half of the work remains. About a million people live around the new park, and now they have a great place for walking and sports next to their homes,” – said Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin after the opening of the sports cluster.

Published on November 5, 2021

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