JPE Design Studio, in collaboration with Snøhetta and JamFactory, designed and delivered Pridham Hall, a transformative strategic project for the University of South Australia. Pridham Hall creates a social heart for the University and functions as a vibrant space where university life, milestones and academic achievements are celebrated.

This project redefines the relationship between building and landscape, treating them as one. The roof of the building folds down to street level to create two externally accessible terraced spaces that are flanked by four ‘Green Wings’. The Green Wings incorporate advanced irrigation and drainage systems, and a Geoweb stabilisation system which enables planting on steep grades, reaching up to 43 degrees with shallow soil depth.

The plant selection for the Green Wings was carefully curated to respond to the diverse climatic zones and environmental conditions of the site. A dry zone is included at the ridge top, a combination of wet and dry plants in the middle, and a wet zone at the base.

The planting palette was chosen to produce an exceptional year-round display of changing textures and colours that showcase species from across South Australia, with an emphasis on those from the Adelaide region. Seasonal flowering attracts native bird and butterfly species, enhancing local biodiversity and educating users through interaction and direct experience. The Green Wings put on a display of different colours, with warm colours to the north and cool colours to the west. The result is an organic, lush mosaic of plants that compliments the strong geometry of the architecture.

Pridham Hall seamlessly integrates into the surrounding urban environment and provides an accessible public space that encourages interaction and represents the vibrant cultural life of the University. Since opening in 2018, the building and landscape have welcomed the local community as a place of celebration and urban renewal. This unique fusion between building and landscape creates a valuable green space and thriving ecosystem within the city of Adelaide.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: JPE Design Studio + Snøhetta

Other designers involved in the design of the Landscape:

– Design Team: JPE Design Studio, Snøhetta and JamFactory
– Client: University of South Australia
– Builder: Mossop Construction + Interiors
– Subconsultant Team: Aurecon (Structure and Civil), WSP (Building Services), Katnich Dodd (Certification), Cundall (ESD), Sonus (Acoustics), Future Urban Group (Planner), Virtual Built (BIM Management), Mack Group (Kitchen Consultant), Rider Levett Bucknall (Cost Consultant), Arketype (Signage & Wayfinding), Graheme Hopkins (Green Roof Specialist), SGL Consulting Group (Sports Advisor) and Becky Llewellyn (Access Consultant)

Project location: 211/213 Hindley St, Adelaide SA 5000

Year completed: February 2018

Photo credits: Peter Barnes & Mark Syke

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