Postpark, The Hague

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Location: The Hague / The Netherlands / Type: Infrastructure / Parks / Post-Industrial / Built: 2022 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on October 3, 2022

A vast, stony car park in one of the busiest streets in The Hague has now made way for the Postpark, a new park with a high biodiversity value and a new attractive place for people and animals. By planting a large quantity of trees, we have adjusted the scale of the park to human size. Visitors are guests in the greenery, with the buildings in the background.

The trees are mainly indigenous species, such as mooses, hornbeams and rowan trees, and have been planted in a variety of shapes and sizes. The herb layer has a mainly natural appearance with plant species selected for their leaf structure. This creates a rich and diverse palette of different perennials that provide a pleasant combination of green and leaf structures.

Nature makes a powerful gesture and is given the space to take up its role within the urban context. Water infiltration and a varied mix of greenery make this part of the city more climate-proof. On summer days, the Postpark is already five degrees cooler than its context.

StreetView may show the site before or during construction of the project



Landscape Architecture: Delva

Project location: Den Haag, The Netherlands

Design year: 2019

Year Built: 2022

Togheter with: Gemeente Den Haag en KCAP

Photos: Sebastian van Damme

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