Plaza at BRFkredit Head Quarters

Henrik Jørgensen Landskab AS: As well as a being a new public space in the town of Lyngby, the plaza is the new face of the company BRFkredit. As such it is designed to be inviting, calm, and modern. It is furnished with elements that in scale correspond to the new HQ and the larger neighboring buildings. The main concept of the new design of the plaza is a slight folding of a number of large, paved and slightly sloping areas that rise, in from the plaza and out toward the sidewalks. In this way a low edge is formed, which separates the plaza from the surroundings creating a traffic barrier without compromising the visual connection. Naturally leading the way for pedestrians arriving from any angle, the entrance provides the central direction in the new design.

The dark mosaic stone paving gives the space a beautiful, homogenous and composed surface. In rainy weather the plaza changes to a more saturated expression turning almost black. Accentuating the subtle division of the plaza each area is edged by wide granite elements that allow for folds, changes in grade as well as integrating the linear drain and the fountains. Like a group of black locusts in the biggest mosaic area, a large raised bed of decorative grasses, black tulips, and flowering onions, provides a lush contribution to the plaza.

Eight tall raw cast iron lamps form the primary lighting. Their rusty surface compliments the colour of the facades and their clean, modern design adds to the atmosphere of the space. Uplights under the locusts and in the fountains, and small spotlights integrated in the granite edges of the grass and flowerbed grazing the main paths, create a special ambience at night. The new design of the plaza creates a more remarkable entrance for the BRFkredit HQ and provides the town of Lyngby with a modern, robust, and elegant urban space.

Landscape architect: Henrik Jørgensen Landskab AS
Project name: Plaza at BRFkredit Head Quarters
Location: Lyngby, Denmark
Client: BRFkredit
Area: 2500 m2
Realized: 2009
Image credits: Henrik Jørgensen Landskab AS

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