Plaza At Bavnehøj Arena

Opland Landskabsarkitekter: The plaza is laid out as a unifying urban space for Bavnehøj Arena, Bavnehøj Child Care Center and Bavnehøj Public Bath, as well as the local soccer fields. Traffic, parking and plaza are clearly separated in a way that makes movement in the area simple and natural whether you arrive by bike, on foot or by car. The overall design of the plaza consists of a polygonal edge made up of concrete elements, wooden decks and plant beds that are placed on top of a uniform, dark pavement. The edge is activated by features like playgrounds, a multipurpose pitch and recreational spaces. Materials and colors are coordinated throughout the plaza to create a continuous expression, while also creating a robust space that can withstand future activity and use in the urban and rough neighborhood.

The polygonal concrete elements and wooden decks form a continuous spatial element that varies in width and height for dynamic effect, and it thereby creates features like skating and seating, as well as protecting vegetation and acting as a physical barrier to the car park. The wooden decks further allow for informal stay and works as a small grandstand in front of the main entrance. The edge is supported by plantings of Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris), Katsura (Cercidiphyllum japonicum), Wild Cherry (Prunus avium ‘Plena’) and Himalayan Birch (Betula utilis) on a base of wild grasses and barren strawberry that provide vigor, seasonal variety and help define the entrances.

In front of the child care center a hilly landscape with rubber surfacing and playful elements for climbing and balancing invite kids to play, while a sunken multipurpose pitch with red rubber surfacing in front of the Bavnehøj Arena make room for a quick game of soccer. At Bavnehøj Public Bath a small space with red rubber balls create a space for informal stay or play.

Parking is established in a simple manner with spots dedicated to disabled people, while the plaza itself has tactile guidelines for the visually impaired and easy access at the entrances for disabled people. The car park also works as an extra space for sport and activities with colored road marking tape on the asphalt indicating a court for street soccer, a 135m running track and decorative circles.

Landscape Architecture: Opland Landskabsarkitekter Aps.
Location: Copenhagen
Client: Copenhagen Municipality
Collaborators: Rubow Arkitekter A/S, Orbicon A/S
Area: 7.000m2
Design and construction: 2011
Budget: 1.600.000 euro

One thought on "Plaza At Bavnehøj Arena by Opland Landskabsarkitekter"

  1. Susana Oliveira says:

    Hello, I am a student of architecture in Brazil at UCS (University of Caxias do Sul) and are analyzing your project (In Bavnehoj Arena Plaza) as a reference for a project of a square school, would like to know more about the project, if you could help me, I appreciate

    Thanks a lot

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