Place de l’Europe, Luxemburg

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Location: Luxembourg / Luxembourg City / Type: Squares and Plazas / Built: 2019 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on April 19, 2021

The Place de l’Europe in Luxemburg is a spacious inner-city plaza. The triangularly shaped place is surrounded by dark, low-rise edifices with the main element being the Philharmonic Orchestra building in the center.

In order to realize the potential of this place – namely being an inviting public area for visitors, passengers, and locals – a new spatial concept was sought. Topotek 1’s design takes the architectural surrounding as its starting point and respectfully works with this context. It refuses the idea that, in order to create space, entirely new constructions are needed and follows the conviction, that minor changes can stimulate new and surprising spatial experiences. The trust in the potential of comparably small architectural elements characterises the design. To realise a new definition for the plaza without major invasions, two fan-shaped wooden sculptures were created. The two opposing segments now offer a place to move, play and linger, while forming a pleasant, pristine layout. They may also serve as platforms which can stage a variety of public activities and are open for different usage patterns depending on changing seasons and varying social needs.

Within the scope of the inauguration of the new square, Kirchberg Fund in partnership with Luxemburg Philharmonie organised YUMM, a food festival curated by Topotek 1 that took place in September 2018. Visitors could taste delicacies and enjoy the environment while five European food trucks were selected as winners by a jury of local gastronomies. This format was selected out of various proposed cultural and public activities, such as a dance festival, urban gardening, a book fair or an elevated ice skating.


Client: Fonds Kirchberg
Direct Commission: 2017
Planning: 2017-2018
Completion: 2018 (1st Phase), 2019 (2nd Phase)
Size: 1.400 m2

Photos: Hanns Joosten

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