ESKIS Landscape architects: This project concerns the updating of the community esplanade in the town of Calvisson. This space, when not providing parking spaces, was used until recently as a gathering place for cultural events with the installation of a temporary arena. City hall has not organized such events for several years and as a result has launched a competition for the revitalization of the area as a public park serving social and cultural needs. This community space is used very frequently by the local community and as such a revitalization project should plan for at once daily use (for example, a children’s space, benches, public fountain, drinking fountains, toilets, etc.) but also for special events- as such, the landscape should be designed with these needs in mind (for example, a stage, bleachers, etc.). The project would furthermore integrate new parking spaces to compensate for the removal of the existing spots.

We propose a design both attractive and practical to serve both the daily use needs of children and adults, and also those of a cultural space involving bleachers, stands, or a stage. Our design proposes activities without ever imposing or restricting their use : pockets of play spaces and pétanque areas dispersed throughout the park, shaded and sunny spaces according to the seasons, etc. Our goal is to create a beautiful community space allowing people the freedom to use it freely and comfortably, evoking in the details charming creature comforts: coat racks, little wooden tables on the café terrasse…


Project Name: Pine Walk
Team: ESKIS Landscape architects, CoO Architects
Location: Calvisson, France
Design year: 2015
Year of construction: October 2015 until June 2016
Area: 2,500 square meter
Budget: 350,000 euros
Image credit: Guillaume Morlans / ESKIS

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