Phoenix Downtown Civic Space

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Location: Arizona / Phoenix / USA / Type: Parks / Built: 2009 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on May 31, 2013

AECOM: Civic Space Park is a unique and innovative addition to downtown Phoenix. Weaving together an urban oasis with the downtown fabric, it is distinguished by elements that are versatile and forward-thinking. The park offers residents, workers, students, and visitors a compelling experience of urban design, green space, shade structures, interactive LED lighting columns and water features, public art—and a lesson in sustainable design. This civic space is unique because it weaves together contextual elements from a variety of user groups, including visitors and neighborhood residents.

The location of the park is also central to Arizona State University’s downtown campus, with a focus on pedestrian passages, bus routes, and light rail connections. Directly adjacent to the Downtown Central Station, the park blends public realm with mass transit. The park sits between the north and south lines of the new Valley Metro Light Rail and, as a part of the park design, created a mid-block crossing from the Taylor Street pedestrian corridor.

The final construction of the space was completed nine months ago which has provided an excellent amount of time to receive feedback from the residents and visitors of the park. Along with numerous articles of praise and awards, the city has received incredibly positive feedback from the public. Civic Space Park has achieved one of its main goals of being flexible enough to fit the needs of the multitude of user groups, while still providing a distinct design with unique and iconic elements to a growing metropolis.

Landscape Architecture: AECOM
Completed: 2009
Location: Phoenix / Arizona
Client: Arizona State University/ City of Phoenix Parks + Recreation Department
Text & photos: AECOM

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