Petit Bois Park Upgrade in the Bellefontaine Neighbourhood

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Location: France / Toulouse / Type: Parks / Residential Parks / Built: 2017 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on November 14, 2017

The park is a key structuring feature of the Bellefontaine neighbourhood. It links the neighbourhood to the Mirail and Reynerie areas through a network of public spaces. The Bellefontaine neighbourhood has been under redevelopment for several years. The woods, which were once surrounded by tall buildings, are now open to neighbouring areas. As a real public space on a Toulouse scale, the challenge is to make it part of the city’s network of green corridors and turn it into a structuring public space for the neighbourhood in relation to adjacent areas. The project involves restoring the hillsides to their original condition to secure and enhance its current forest character. The site runs the length of the Garonne hillside and showcases its geographical, architectural (old dovecote-Candilis construction), natural, and hydraulic heritage (presence of a spring and basins). Several belvederes provide an array of views of both the park and the Garonne Valley in which the city of Toulouse has grown. The presence of various springs, channelled by an aqueduct from Roman times, is highlighted by the design of water gardens running alongside a promenade and overlooked by wooden terraces. The North-South promenade connects a commercial public square (with subway) to a multi-level public square with features such as a playground, city stadium and places to relax (stands/open space) ideal for leisure activities and entertainment (dry fountain).

Location: Toulouse, France
Area: 5,5 ha
Completion date: 2017
Client: Toulouse Métropole
Landscape Design: URBICUS Ltd. / Jean-Marc Gaulier
Project managers : Noëlle Madrona + Véronique Fourteau
Photographer: Charles Delcourt

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