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Pernod Ricard Chuan Malt Whisky Distillery Landscape Design

designed by /

Location: China / Type: Corporate/Company Garden / Built: 2021 /
Published on January 13, 2022

Inspired by the Chinese philosophy “ one flower one universe, one tree one forest “, in the landscape design of Pernod Ricard distillery in China, YIYU works with nature to shape a poetic journey that recalls the perception of landscape, and creates an imaginative world view that nature, inspiration, and emotion can be connected.

YIYU sets out a landscape framework that discovers the beauty of the mountain, encounters the joy of the water, and builds up merging harmony between architecture and landscape. The balance between the built and the nature, the crafted and the wild, the contrast and the harmony, defines the fundamental philosophy of the project.

The project is located under Emei mountain, a handsome natural wonder of the region. Surrounded by a river and abundant green, the project preserves the existing nature, and provides sophisticated experiences to the mountain and the water. From indoor to outdoor, with close cooperation between the architect and the landscape architect, the collaboration results in a splendid project that blends harmoniously to the site. A project where the landscape is gentle yet strong, the architecture is powerful yet humble.

The landscape design strategy is to connect nature, amplify nature, and reflect on nature. From visual guidance with the continuous and blending landscape, the project connects to the surrounding greenery closely. Paths cutting through the woods provide the opportunity to curate the landscape with various views at different levels. The perception of nature is given with laying and sequences gently arranged through the site: sometimes to see the mountain framed as a painting, sometimes to walk on a path meandering into the woods, sometimes to encounter wildflowers and butterflies by the rock, and sometimes to hear the moving sound of the river. Imagination and sensitivity of nature are awakened and reminded again. The beauty of nature is concentrated at moments of contrast. Peacefulness is recalled through experiences of harmony in the landscape.

To respond to the deeper meaning of the philosophy of harmony. The project also utilizes the concept of sustainability, to create a project that can benefit itself ecologically. The planting design introduces local species that encourage the wildlife back to the site, and carefully avoids disturbance to the existing habitats. The building material uses rocks recycled from the excavation at the site. Stone walls and the boulders garden are built with 90% recycled stones. The gift from the ground is given back in another form of beauty, and be kept on site for another generation to come.

Another idea is to reserve an organic farm for the future food supply to the distillery. Farming lots are planned in the green terraces. The organic farm will be cooperated with local farmers to produce vegetables for the restaurant in the distillery. What gets from the lands is given back, what to be consumed is to be produced at the site. A self-supply system with zero-waste ensures the intervention of nature can be minimized, and the ecological system can be self-contained.

With all the love and respect to the nature, we wish the project can become a place where people can see the beauty of nature again, be inspired by nature again, and through the journey to rediscover a new world view of harmony to our wonderful environment.


Landscape design: YIYU design


Architecture design: Neri&Hu

Experience design: BRC Imagination Arts

Project location: Emeishan, Sichuan Province, China

Design year: 2018

Year Built: 2021

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