For many years, het Zomerhuis was an important meeting venue for many Stekenaars. It was established in 1936 by a brewer’s family and originally consisted of an outdoor swimming pool and a brasserie. For a long time, Het Zomerhuis was a popular attraction for Stekene and the surrounding area, but in 1990, the activities ceased and the site fell into disrepair. Since 2008, the municipality has owned the site.


The former recreation area was transformed into a natural park in which the former swimming pool was given a new lease of life. By retaining the configuration of the swimming pool, but adapting the filling with long seating areas, a water play element and a fountain maze, the place has once again been given a central role in the park. A new pavilion with catering facilities, the water element near the terrace, inviting park paths and various play elements increase the attractiveness of the park and ensure that the park plays an important role in Stekene’s public space.

Landscape Architect: OMGEVING
Team OMGEVING: Joke Vande Maele, Tompy Hoedelmans, Wolfs Rysbrack, Floris Gerits

i.c.w. : Atelier Ruimtelijk Advies

Main contractor: Verbruggen bvba

Sub contractors: Aquafontal

Date of design: 2018

Date of completion: 2021

Size: 3 hectares

Photography: Tim Delmoitie

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