Park “Taubenloch”

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Location: Germany / Type: Nature Paths / Playgrounds / Waterfronts / Built: 2021 /
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In the area of the Taubenloch and the inner city of Bad Tölz, the Isar River draws a long loop and has over the years formed a consolidated impact bank. 


The park consists of three different areas that complement each other. Along the shore runs a promenade that invites you to stroll and linger. Behind this lies a large open lawn area and also a smaller play and family area. Here, the existing playground is complemented by smaller spaces and seating areas. Unifying all areas of the park, are groups of oversized river pebbles as seating elements.

Inventory and development 

The park already has significant qualities that were expanded and strengthened. Mainly, its location on the Isar River and its proximity to the old town, makes it a particularly important location for Bad Tölz. Furthermore, the mature existing tree population is also a valuable characteristic of the park. 

The Shore 

By removing the existing beech hedge, the park is visually opened up and the entire riverbank with its views can be experienced, thus creating a direct relationship to the Isar River. The movement and power of the water is exposed by washing free underlying layers of stone. The riverbank is made visible by disclosed bands of “Nagelfluh” (stamped concrete) and embedded, oversized river pebbles, allowing people to sit on and above the water level. The water can be accessed by the flattened embankment and embedded barrier-free ramp and stairs.


The existing tree population is a significant quality of the park. A planting of wild perennials and shrubs frames the play area, creating exciting spaces and increasing biodiversity. The embankment facing the Isar River is landscaped with a robust mix of groundcover plants and grasses. 
Minimally invasive work in the root area
Since the work for the foundations of small seating walls took place in the root area of existing linden trees, we opted for a technique that was as gentle as possible without the extensive groundwork normally required. 
In the area of the park promenade, in order to reduce injury and to protect the roots of existing trees, the soil on the trees was first mechanically vacuumed and then the placement of the surface layers was done by hand in the root area. Another protective measure taken, was using minimally invasive metal screw anchors in the construction of the seating walls.


In order to enjoy both the tranquility of the park and the views over the Isar River, park benches with wooden supports were added – in addition to the seating on the embankment. 
Lighting concept 
The lighting supports the spatial experience of the park: the boardwalk is accompanied by tall pole luminaires, while the park walkway to the rear is accented by lower bollard luminaires. 

For the children, various small and larger areas were created on the existing playground, and for parents and caregivers, individual seating groups were created that also allow for picnics together. A planting of wild shrubs and bushes frames the play area, creating exciting play spaces and increasing biodiversity. Plants, wood and stones can be incorporated into imaginative play. 

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: Uniola

Other designers involved in the design of landscape:

studio boden Landscape Architecture + Urban Design, Graz, Austria (Andreas Boden)
BCE – Björnsen Beratende Ingenieure, Munich, Germany (Stefan Bonengel, Loreen Ahmadian)

Year completed: 2021

Photo credits: Laura Loewel 

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