Park Poelzone Westland

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Location: The Netherlands / Type: Bridges and Piers / Parks / Waterfronts / Built: 2015 /
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Park Poelzone combines nature development, water storage, new recreational route structures, large-scale relocation of homes, and the restructuring of greenhouse horticulture. With the ambition to transition 21 ha into a recreational and ecological nature-driven space for humans and animals, LOLA Landscape Architects made the definitive design for Poelzone Noord.

Park as a natural route

An ecological shoreline gives space to 1.5 km of winding bicycle routes, 15 plots for new houses, and an innovative 2.2 ha spawning ground for fish. The environment enables fry to mature safely amid water plants—the park and its spawning grounds double, providing an attractive natural environment for residents and visitors. A lingering route takes visitors on an eye-level journey with water, allowing them to witness the natural spectacle, especially in springtime.

Landmark ecosystem

The ‘Animal Tree’, made of an artificial wooden structure, provides separate housings for birds, insects, small mammals, bees, and butterflies. The ‘Animal Tree’ is a habitat for a partial ecosystem and a visual landmark. NEXT Architects was involved in designing the ‘Bat Bridge,’ which allows four different bat species to live there all year round.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: LOLA Landscape Architects

Design: 2012

Construction: 2013-2015

Location: Westland, The Netherlands

Size: 21 ha

Client: Municipality of Westland

i.c.w.: NEXT Architects

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