Camillo Tarello

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Location: Brescia / Italy / Type: Parks / Built: 2007 /
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Leonardo Finotti: The new urban park ‘Camillo Tarello’ is one of the most important green areas of the city of Brescia. Located in the former southern periphery the park creates an attractive center for the growing district ‘Brescia II’. The park, grows on former industrial and agricultural areas. The first price winning design foresees a re-adoption of the adjacent urban grid into the park design and the mediation between the historic city and the suburban south city by emphasizing the visual contacts and the physical connections. A large open space in form of a grass-covered corridor runs through the park-center, framed by a row of elms on the western side and by the densely planted and less formal eastern park area. Sports-and leisure facilities are integrated into this part of the park whereas a group of garden-rooms are aligned with the western limit.

The Contrast between the central open space and the forest-like park areas one the one hand-side and the smaller scaled park elements situated on the park limit on the other hand side, is not only creating an interesting physical relationship inside the park, but is also building a connection with the surrounding city by reflecting changes of scale, characteristic for suburbian urban compositions. The planted trees and plant species refer to the biotop of the Paduan Florests with the exception of a limited amount of exotic species introduced in the garden-rooms. The overall parkdesign is referring to the guidelines for a sustainable design.

Design Team:
Global (Lisboa) João Gomes da Silva, Inês Lobo (Chief Designers)
Catarina Raposo, Victor Beiramar Diniz, Sebastião Carmo-Pereira, Pedro Oliveira
Studio Pellegrini (Milano) C. Pellegrini, Jacopo Pellegrini, Teresa Figueiredo Marques
Project Name: Parco Camillo Tarello, Brescia
Location: Brescia, Italy
Design: 2001 – 2003
Construction: 2003-2007
Client: Brescia’s Chamber
Area: 94 000 m2
Budget: € 3 491 585,28 – € 37,15/ m2
Coordinator C. Pellegrini
Chief Designer and Coordinator: João Gomes da Silva (Global, Arquitectura Paisagista)
Text by authors of the project
Image credits:
Master plan drawing: Global Arquitectura Paisagista, Lda
Renders: Inês Lobo Arquitectos, lda + Global Arquitectura Paisagista, Lda
Photos by: Leonardo Finotti

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