Hüsler & Associés: Winner of the landscape competition initiated by the City of Nyon in 2008, the “Parc du Cossy” project aims to be the unifying space of future neighbourhoods of surrounding housing to accommodate, long term, no fewer than 4,000 inhabitants. As an interface between current and future constructions, its role is to create a link at various levels.

The park is structured into three horizontal tiers which run along the slope. This design means the layout can be integrated with the site’s topography and activities can then be organised. Each level offers different uses:

– The upper tier hosts the all-weather field and is dedicated to ball games in school or out.

– The middle tier has a turfed field, mainly used for ball games it is also a green space where one can relax.

– The lower tier contains the park’s main feature, its pond and its large lawn, recreational elements for young and old alike.

The entrance esplanade and the school courtyard interact directly with the buildings and each has a welcoming role. Structured vegetation in the form of boulevards of trees and outdoor furniture make these two areas homogenous.

This park is an interface between existing and future constructions and its role is to create a link at different levels. It is part of a north-south sustainable route linking the Nyon countryside to the shores of the Leman lake via the railway station as well as an east-west route connecting to surrounding neighbourhoods.

Landscape architects: Hüsler & Associés

Contracting authority: Ville de Nyon

Other designers involved in the design of landscape: BS+R Bernard Schenk SA (Civil Engineers), Ecotec Environnement SA (Environmental Engineers)

Project Location: Nyon, Switzerland

Area: 2 hectares

Works budget: CHF 5Mio

Design year: 2010-2015

Year Built: 2015-2018

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