At the centre of the project was a sterile site surrounded by three slag heaps, and a mine that was still operating at the time of the call for tenders: 150 hectares of interstices between three mining communities. How could this black hole avoid turning into a green hole? There was the novel idea of making water central to the broader picture, with a Parc des Iles (“park of islands”) as one of the driving forces of the overall approach, and with the 150 hectares of slag heaps as the real issue, the real scale of reflection … A spontaneous appropriation by the local people and associations, in this new landscape of industrial geography, carried the day. There were numerous difficulties about governance and management, but the park of islands gradually became a catalyst of a future, new-generation urban framework, as a platform for leisure, habitat and activities.

Landscape Architecture: Ilex landscape architecture
Location: Drocourt Rouvroy, Henin-Beaumont, France
Project management: Community of Agglomeration Henin-Carvin
Contest: June 2005
Status: Work in progress
Area: 160 ha
The first operational phase: 45ha

3 thoughts on "Parc des Iles by Ilex Landscape Architecture"

  1. E-J says:

    i really don’t like the stone baskets, why do they appear in so many designs? they are unconfortable to sit on, ugly, cheap looking, rusty in a few years and will easily be overgrown with moss and grass. not a durable material IMO.

  2. geronimo says:

    These gabion walls are actually affordable both short and long term and have a moderate to long life expectancy. I disagree with your comments about them being ugly. It really depends on where and how it’s used. Moss and grass growing through might be a pretty cool thing, especially for a sight that has an industrial past 🙂

    Nice project. I like the berms. Please Landezine, add a description!

  3. If they used stainless steel there will be no rusting.

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