Oriental One is a new luxury development in the Baoshan Road district of Shanghai, a neighbourhood renowned for the quality of its public realm and built form. The scheme comprises a combination of residential and retail uses, set within ten distinctive towers and associated podium spaces. These in turn sit within a generous public realm and large private garden spaces, all of which are extensively planted. The external areas have been designed to support a vibrant and social lifestyle for the occupants and the surrounding community. Since it was completed in August 2022, Oriental One has become a major destination in the city.

The external spaces of Oriental One blend the richness of China’s landscape heritage with an English approach to garden design; there is a strong emphasis on structure, lush vegetation and florals.
A new streetscape to the boundary provides a setting for the development, and creates strong connections to the surrounding neighbourhoods. Pocket gardens with water features and large blocks of planting provide sheltered meeting spots for local residents.

The two distinct building plots are linked by a continuous linear landscape with generous planting and wide pavements. The planting enhances street-level shops and restaurants, at the same time filtering out noise and pollution from adjacent streets.

Oriental One boasts a richly-planted central garden on the ground level, surrounded by an elevated promenade and series of gardens on the podium rooftop. Below these a sunken courtyard with rich woodland planting creates a unique setting for a residents’ clubhouse.

A winding path through the sunken courtyard evokes a sense of seclusion and serenity, offering a peaceful refuge for reflection and wellbeing for residents and visitors of all ages. The elevated promenade features groups of seating as well as extensive planting in the form of resident’s gardens nestled between the towers. Another promenade connects the secluded garden rooms, and links the towers with the club’s central reception area.

These spaces are fully accessible, and create a sense of seclusion from the hustle and bustle of the city. Each of the pocket gardens has a strong identity, reinforced by the planting character, encouraging a varied programme of active and passive recreation for children and adults. Several viewing points offer a visual connection to the streetscape below and the city skyline beyond.

The landscape and architecture design prioritises locally sourced materials and planting, with minimal maintenance requirements. This approach to the public space enhances the neighbourhood’s green amenities and ecology network. The gardens offer a theatrical experience in the evening that delights the senses creating moments of joy and wonder. In addition, the design encourages physical activity in the form of all-weather walking routes and allocated places for exercise.

Oriental One’s goal is to establish and nurture a welcoming series of open spaces that actively encourage self-expression and pure enjoyment for a diverse group of occupants. By integrating different user groups, families, individuals and senior citizens, the landscape fosters an overall sense of community, one that fully engages with and values the quality and extent of their natural surroundings.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: Gillespies

Public Realm Landscape Design and Residential Garden Detail Design, working in partnership with Landau (Residential Garden Concept Design and Marketing Suite Landscape Design)
Project Website: Oriental One
Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Landau; Endless Summer Landscape Design; GM Landscape; RSHP Architects; Naoya Arakawa
Project location: Baoshan Road district, Shanghai, China
Design year: 2017-2021
Year Built: 2022
Photographer: Vanke Shanghai

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