Öresjö Recreational Area

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Location: Sweden / Type: Baths / Parks / Waterfronts / Built: 2016 /
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“Sun, play and beach life for everybody!”

When the sun is shining the bathing site at Öresjö comes to life. But it is also a recreational area that is used all year, for a dog walk or a trip by canoe. The work started with a masterplan for the site. The goal was to tie the sites different parts better together and raise the overall standard. New toilets, a new stand for selling ice cream and hotdogs, upgraded furniture and playgrounds, better handicap accessibility. Everybody´s right to beach and bathing life, was the overall goal for the design. It is a beautiful site, which demands extra consideration when adding new elements. Natural material such as wood, stone, gravel and sand was obvious choices. Simple forms such as the circle and distinct frames creates a tension between the wild nature and the constructed elements. When placing buildings, important views was considered.


The Amfi Beach

The largest beach has the form of an amfi. It is shaped like a bowl with high oak trees covering the slope in the back. It is generous, safe and give room for many people. Two curved boardwalks frames the surfaces and control movement. The wood is kind to bare feet and functional for strollers and wheelchairs. One boardwalk define the boundary between grass and sand, between calm and active areas. The other boardwalk raises gradually between oak trees, offers good views over the beach and seating in the shadow, passing under a lookout platform and ends at the ice cream stand.

The Drive-in Beach

This is the beach to go to if you want to take a quick swim in the lake and then drive away. It is also the beach that is the most accessible for disabled and people with small children. The challenge – to fit a lot of functions within a limited space, and how to handle a disturbing road. Elements worth saving where kept, trees, the beach and views towards the water. Stone walls divide and creates small spaces where to sunbathe undisturbed. The walls also links to the old stone walls in the background. Beach, bridge, lawn, seating, playground – all functions has a more defined place in the new design. A long wooden sofa with high back creates a buffer against passing and parking cars, defines the parking space, and offers generous space for sunbathing with good views over the area.


Project name: Öresjö recreational area
Project location: Trollhättan, Sweden
Client: City of Trollhättan
Landscape architect: MARELD landskapsarkitekter
Opening: 2016
Photographs: Linda Sandin

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