Open Spaces in Residential Development in Boulogne Billancourt

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Location: France / Paris / Type: Residential Parks / Built: 2015 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on November 8, 2017

The district of Boulogne Billancourt, land of the old Renault factories, is based on a masterplan that connects the city and its geographical characteristics, the Seine and its valley, with a network of generously planted public spaces.

Location: BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT, France / Client: SPLA Val de Seine Aménagement, ICADE Promotion logement, BPD Marignan / Landscape Architect: Mutabilis paysage & urbanisme / Design Year: 2012-2014 / Year of Construction: 2014-2015 / Area: 4900m2 / Budget: 1.3 M € HT / Credit Photography: Hervé Abbadie et Mutabilis / Urban Equipment: Banc FREPAT

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