On the Way to The Sea

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Location: Bat Yam / Israel / Type: Waterfronts / Built: 2010 /
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Derman Verbakel Architecture: “On the way to the sea” transforms the space that lies between the city and the sea to a place of its own rather than an in-between passage. The way to or from the sea passes through the site but the movement from point A to point B is not the purpose. A series of frames carefully positioned between city edge to sea shore host public activities, creating a new use for this in-between space. The installation invites inhabitants and passers-by to intervene and create opportunities for events and unexpected interactions by manipulating different elements integrated within the frames. In the gap between city and sea, the project encourages collective and individual interactions that range from urban events to beach activities. On the Israeli seashore usually lacking refuge from the burning sun, the intervention offers a shaded and thereby more inviting environment for the public.

A series of fixed frames containing movable elements and shade creates a basic infrastructure in which users have the freedom to alter the urban space and fit it to their own private uses. Within the same frame, users can make changes to create very different situations and even fulfill the desire for a private space in the public domain. Starting at the city edge, visitors can start engaging with the space through an entrance ramp at the individual scale, leading to a balcony facing the street, followed by an “unfolded” living room constructed of elements that can be used as walking surface, table or chair. Starting from this more intimate apartment layout that faces the street, the installation then transforms towards the beach into a series of more public spaces such as ‘picnic on the lawn’ – a flexible structure with movable benches and tables turning around an axis, allowing for different seating arrangements and shaded ‘urban rooms’ that can be used for birthday parties or other social events. At the interface between the project and the beach, an open terrace offers views to the sea, providing shade and reclined seating facing the horizon. Together, the elements create a micro-climate where people can meet, play, eat, talk or just hang out, thereby producing a platform for a wide range of possible interactions, from daily uses to special events.

Landscape Architecture: Derman Verbakel Architecture
Location: Bat Yam Sea Shore, Israel
Year Completed: 2010
Photography: Yuval Tebol, Tamir Tzadok, Milla Marder, Derman Verbakel Architecture

nominated for the 2011 Condé Nast TravellerInnovation and Design Award
2011 Israeli Design Award in the Architecture Category
2011 third place in the Project of the Year Awards Landscape Category organized by Architecture Israel Quarterly

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