Authors: Mark Hendriks, Sofia Opfer
NL / ENG, Hardcover, 23x22 cm, 204 pages, Full Color
isbn 9789492474506

The first book on OKRA’s projects and approach was published in 2010 when the office was mostly focused in specific design projects. The second book, OKRA 2, illustrates the development into a more urbanism, large-scale city-planning and climate adaptation focused practice.

From incredibly complex plan for Athens to the beautiful coastal transformations for Katwijk Aan Zee and Cadzand-Bad, Okra’s portfolio features widely applicative pragmatic measures for battling issues concerning rising waters, mobility, urban heating, biodiversity, parking etc.

Thanks to experienced landscape architecture writers, Mark Hendriks and Sofia Opfer, this 200 pages monograph is a fantastic manual for any office to empower and curate its vision to be fit for future.

OKRA has been a frequent contributor to our collection of projects. There are many things that can be celebrated in OKRA’s work but one really stands out; it’s the ability to design a cozy place, regardless of the scale, context or programme.

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Published on December 16, 2019

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