Topiaris is an award-winning landscape architecture office based in Lisbon. With more than 30 years of experience, Topiaris has been working in various geographical settings and cultural contexts, on a broad scope of projects, at many scales of intervention, ranging from landscape planning, the design of urban parks, public spaces, historical sites restoration, to contemporary design for institutional areas, tourism facilities, and private gardens.

Our body of work reflects a holistic philosophy wherein all elements intertwine and are essential to the whole, inducing intuitive feel for life, harmonious relationships between people and their environments, and shape a strong sense of place, integrating local communities throughout the design process.

Topiaris engagement with biodiversity conservation, natural systems functioning, and sustainable management of natural resources are basic project premises, as well as principles of simplicity and organic sources, aligned with a creative approach to site constraints offers opportunities for a distinctive design, based on authenticity and clarification of motives.

In every project we seek to promote wellbeing, exciting and optimistic way of life, reconciling nature, art, food and sports. Fostering the ever-evolving landscape processes of evolution (vegetation, habitats, water resources) in line with natural processes allows us to achieve mature landscapes, economically and ecologically viable, optimizing the costs of construction and maintenance, hence real sustainability.

Recognizing the responsibility towards present and future generations, Topiaris work reflects creativity in the search of sustainable design solutions, aiming to add ecological, aesthetic, and social values to all projects. Rather than working only in the spatial dimensions, Topiaris always bring in the fourth dimension, that of Time, as the way the project will evolve along time is the most reliable indicator of a project true value.

Topiaris strives towards the creation of individual and collective memories which may stand the test of time and strengthen communities. Our focus remains unquestionably upon people as it is for them that we conceive and plan new projects, and for them that we defend the natural and cultural heritage of landscapes. The joy we have in thinking and designing landscapes is recognizable in our built work, both in the private as in the public spheres.

The team

Teresa Barão and Luís Ribeiro are part of the initial founders group and were later joined by Catarina Viana. The practice includes fourteen landscape architects, and each collaborator contribute with their own ideas and creativity to the overall collective design discourse. As a team, Topiaris constantly challenges itself to go beyond the apparent limits and to attain excellence in landscape design at all scales. To this end, we favour establishing multidisciplinary teams in our projects, as well as constant communication with our clients, in the conviction that everyone has a relevant role to play in building the character and identity of spaces under design or construction.


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