Macgregor Smith is an award-winning UK landscape practice, based in the World Heritage City of Bath.

At Macgregor Smith, we go beyond ordinary landscape architecture to create spaces that tell stories. Stories of landscape and legacy, habit and habitat – stories as unique, and joyful, and important as every person who uses them.

As one of the UK’s biggest independent landscape architects, we’re proud to bring over 30 years of knowledge, expertise and insight to award-winning projects that make a difference.

Shaping the spaces of tomorrow

From their histories and heritage to the ecosystems they support, we believe in the stories that landscapes tell. That’s why we work so hard to preserve and celebrate them – so they can keep their legends alive for generations to come.

As one of the biggest independent landscape architects in the UK, our designs have been capturing people’s imaginations for over 30 years. And while we’re proud to have built a beautiful legacy, we know that the future will be shaped by the next generation of designers and creative thinkers; that’s why we’re all about sharing our knowledge, nurturing new talent and giving landscape architects from all backgrounds a place where they can feel at home.

Our team

For us, being part of a team means that we all have the same mission at heart. We’re storytellers, brought together by a love of thoughtful design, looking to create imaginative, joyful spaces that enhance the ways people live, shop, work and play. And by connecting the unique skills, ideas and insights of every member of our collective, that’s exactly what we make happen.

Step inside our studio and you’ll find a calm, collaborative hub of creativity. We love what we do and that comes through in our care and support for one another, whether we’re bouncing ideas around in a briefing session, putting our heads together over a design decision, or meeting up for weekend bike rides in the beautiful Bath countryside.

Bringing joy to everyday

The joy we put into our designs starts right here in our studio. Because we believe in creating and maintaining a positive, supportive and inspiring working environment, we’ve always got something going on alongside our day-to-day work – whether it’s tea and cake in the office, summer picnics and day trips, or setting time aside to explore our other passions.

Published on June 6, 2022

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