We make space for nature.

At Henning Larsen, we believe a life-centric approach benefits ecosystems as much as people. We combine artistic playfulness with water and biophilic design solutions to create unique experiences with nature, and place nature within the fabric of our communities to produce lasting socio-economic and environmental impacts. Our team of landscape architects are intimately involved at every stage of the process of breathing a project into being, to ensure that nature is woven in throughout.

To align with the cycles intrinsic to the natural world, our design approach centers on the physical and cultural context of a site. Our work with landscape is grounded in deep experience, extensive research, and the precise use of data. Through close collaboration with biologists, engineers, community members, and our clients, we embrace a radically inclusive approach to designing with and for nature, one that takes into account all the visible and invisible dimensions of a habitat. By measuring and responding to subtle changes in season and climate, we strengthen our vital, precious bond with nature in every project we develop.

Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl became a part of Henning Larsen, bringing with them decades of experience in designing with nature, particularly with integrating regenerative, circular water concepts into urban contexts. This knowledge strengthens our approach to landscape, architecture, and urban planning as three crucial facets of a single, holistic design strategy. Our landscapes contribute to a change in behaviour towards the planet – the only home we have.

Our expertise is concentrated in these essential areas: nature-based solutions, biodiversity and ecology, climate adaptation, and water management. These issues are at the core of everything we do, fundamentally shaping our designs in, on, and around buildings, parks, and waterfronts, as well as for urban space and master plans.

Published on May 10, 2018

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