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HDLA was established in 1985 to provide comprehensive Planning, Landscape Architectural, and Urban Design services. The firm was created to serve a market that demands exceptional care, talent and motivation in the planning and implementation of built works in our environment. The firm is proud of its ability to discern the needs of our individual clients. Our projects range from large-scale master planning to site specific implementation. Services include Landscape Architecture, Master Planning, and Urban Design. 

From a design standpoint, we believe in the principle of providing outstanding design solutions while meeting the specific and diverse needs of our clients. At the core of our philosophy is the desire to create timeless spaces of simple elegance that can be enjoyed by all.  We utilize an initial design approach that seeks authenticity by honoring local history and natural context while also pursuing imaginative and innovative solutions. We realize the crucial importance of meeting project budgets, submittal deadlines and the development of clear and thorough construction documents.  We employ a pragmatic and efficient production process that places importance on the creation of designs that can succeed under various budget conditions and remain flexible during the value engineering process. Finally, we place great emphasis on sound and detail-oriented Construction Administration. 

HDLA has over three decades of experience creating meaningful, site-specific landscapes with the goal of capturing the “genius of the place”. Our core philosophy and design process demand that we create engaging places of authenticity; places that create a sense of awareness within the user that is genuine, intrinsic, and memorable. We do this by listening closely to both the land and our client, and by utilizing our extensive design library of over 2000 projects.  

HDLA does not have a style, but an approach.  This approach is centered around the simple tenet of listening to the client first. While we are inspired and informed by our collective experience, we view success through the lens of meeting project-specific goals. We see each project as an opportunity to create sustainable and memorable places of beauty that foster activity, community, and engagement. As we will outline throughout this proposal, HDLA has experience in helping to create such spaces within a wide range of innovative office, residential and retail settings.

Published on August 1, 2022

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