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Germany / www.foerder-landschaftsarchitekten.de

Förder Landschaftsarchitekten is an office for landscape architecture: Established, creative, engaged and located in the center of the Ruhr region.

The work conducted by Förder includes Master and Object planning – the development of urban spaces and landscapes. The team frequently collaborates with architects, city planners, developers and other landscape architecture offices. Recent commissions and competitions include a wide range of regional, nationwide and international projects across many fields: parks and gardens, urban areas and town squares, living and leisure, service and administration, culture and events.

The aim is to create spaces of well-being in line with the ecological, economical and social needs of the project, combined with a great sense for design and aesthetics. We closely examine the needs of each area and find solutions such as programs, designs and concepts. The results are spaces with include rather than exclude, which open up new perspectives: Spaces, of well-being which evoke a positive attitude towards life.

Young as well as experienced colleagues form a team at Förder Landschaftsarchitekten. Individual working focus such as design, and construction to business management enriches the practice.

The diverse team welcomes everyone, regardless of their nationality, gender or religion. We see this diversity as a chance not only for each team member individually but also for the office as an entity and its projects. Common values such as empathy and appreciation are the base of our daily collaboration rooted in open and familial communication.

The day-to-day office business is complemented by shared lunch breaks, table soccer matches and team events like trips, continuing education events and occasional parties.

Published on June 20, 2022

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