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BO-Landscape Architects’ team engages in all aspects of landscape architecture, from environmental design through engineering, calling upon the expertise of diverse professionals. Our office designs master plans on a regional scale for local councils and municipalities of all sizes, offering site solutions from parks to nature reserves and national parks, through detailed designs for gardens in neighbourhoods and cities.

Our studio merges interior and exterior – literally and figuratively, with the office facing the breathtaking view of Mt. Carmel.

We approach each project design creatively with a positive attitude as we address the unique challenges posed by the environs. We carefully study the design brief and work to integrate the human, geographic, and local cultural and social aspects of the site.

No project is like another, yet our architectural language is evident – a language encouraging playfulness. Our designs have created sites with a wide range of usages and meanings, enriching the public space.

BO-Landscape Architects have a sense of mission. In our work, we aim to design sites with meaning for both the individual and the community.

Published on June 28, 2022

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