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From its inception in 2002 BBUK has delivered transformative landscape design on a wide range of projects ranging from public realm at large scale residential developments to streetscape design guidance, public parks, private gardens, roof terraces and open spaces.

Over the past 20 years, the Practice has built a national reputation for consistently delivering inspirational landscapes that respond to the needs and aspirations of the clients and communities they serve. From the smallest local park or rooftop terrace to civic masterplans and strategies, we set out to create beautiful spaces with the overall purpose of making the lives of the people that experience them better.

BBUK tailor each project to suit both the existing landscape and the client’s vision. Our design philosophy is based on a belief that we should not impose our own personalities or ‘house style’ on a site, but through extensive research, seek to discover and reveal the essential characteristics of each place, by immersing in the ecology, landform, vegetation or urban context.

A sustainable approach to every project is central to our philosophy, be this through the specification and sourcing of hard and soft elements, recycling and re-using site won materials or innovative sustainable drainage solutions. BBUK concentrates on designing and enabling both resilient and biodiverse landscapes which will support and sustain communities in the long term. In addition, we deliver social value by supporting our local communities through engagement at people-focused consultations and our staff provides mentorship at design-led workshops aimed at young people from disadvantaged groups through London programmes such as Open City Accelerate and RIBA Architects Ambassadors.

We are a team of 14 people whose mission is to help our clients and partners create, restore and transform places so they offer real meaning and value to the people who will use them. The Practice brings a high level of professional expertise, commitment, technical ability and enthusiasm to every project, and rigorous office procedures back up the creative process to ensure quality at all stages; this is demonstrated in BBUK’s proven track record for beautiful landscapes delivered on time and to budget.

Our collaborative and inclusive design ethos has resulted in a diverse portfolio that illustrates our ability to work across a range of scales and typologies, crafting beautiful projects that work on many levels, and which always seek to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Published on May 23, 2022

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