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BASE is a landscape agency founded in 2000 which has more than eighty landscape architects, designers, architects and engineers in three agencies in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. 

The agency brings together all the skills related to town planning and landscape: the project management of urban parks or natural environments on the one hand, the design of public spaces on the other, but also the planning and development of urban, economic, industrial or tourist territories. 

BASE works to promote the resilience of territories, through different scales and operational methods. It affirms a forward-looking approach integrating the risks caused by globalization and global warming as the first constraint of project issues – rising waters, increased artificialization of soils and sprawl of agricultural territories, change of industrial sites… -, thus equipping the management of structure and their territories with flexible, situated planning and consultation tools to respond to these contemporary issues. 

By proposing a renewed relationship with nature, BASE goes beyond a classic definition of a nature sanctuary: the landscape is not just a space perceived outside man, but is immersive, a vector of knowledge and experimentation, imbued of natural and anthropic forces transformed into project language. 

The different natures encountered – contemplative, productive, threatening… – are thought of as relational matters, inseparable from human stories and habitats. The reading of the commands is therefore done through different economic, sociological, geographical and symbolic realities, where the new dynamics of production of nature are evaluated through the level of habitability they produce.

Published on July 10, 2023

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