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Ateliers 2/3/4/ is a group dynamic based on individual talents that are paying a particular attention out to new standards of living, claiming for a return to simplicity, basics and daily poetry, for years. 2/3/4/ defends the luxury of a “lifestyle” that seeks out “well-being”. Made to measure, each project is the opportunity for a study which is focus on collective reflection and interdisciplinary transverse that makes it unique. Reflection is guided by human forces that are leading to constituate 2/3/4/ human ressources: landscape architect, town planner, architect, engineer and ecologist. This global vision is creating generous specialities for all, cities, users and citizens but also technicians. The luxury that we defend is to give everyone a place. Our projects are maked unique by conceptual reflection whether in terms of sustainable development, typology or construction system. A particular attention is paid out to a very important thematic for us : common-sense questions and ecological ressources. As a Earth’s citizen, we are trying to valorize rainwater, creating new ecosystems but also focus on sustainable and recyclable materials. Therefore, 2/3/4/ projects are seizing the moment and improve themselves of future, by favoring realm of possibles.




For Ateliers 2/3/4/ developing public space, streets and places just as parks and gardens is first considered as a whole, an intervention in the service of an overall urban, landscaping and architectural coherence. Public or private, « free » space should be designed neither in strict isolation nor as an « ancillary space ». Thus it becomes a separate program that includes all the often contradictory objectives, all the requirements. Even if the space is constricted, the 2/3/4/ approach will always try to make the world – for the garden is always itself a small world – bigger than it is, to expand and extend it into private sites and especially to put these spaces « in network ». A constant subject of research is to create visual, hydraulic or biological continuities but also continuous itineraries. In an increasingly urbanize society, environmental concerns and the need to « increase density » become more demanding each day. The question of public space and « nature within the city » is an especially pressing concern. Yet the public space, garden or square in our view can not be a resultant, an afterthought but on the contrary, a generator of traces and links. As from today, an urban complex of some importance develops its « square » and « garden » so that at the same time, these spaces ferment a social link but also an identity, a representation of the neighborhood itself.

Points/lines/areas: the prairie in movement – Paris, conversion of the Air Force Campus, Ministry of Defence, Balard

The Ministry of Defence «East Plot» programme in Balard is above all a landscape project. The site has 5.6 hectares dedicated to open space. The principal issue in the composition, the terrain unifies and recomposes the site and its disparate development. The site is now entirely limited to internal traffic. The landscape site analysis relies on a «point/line/area» schema. Sight lines and prospects regulate the relationships between the «built» points. The areas between buildings are divided into two main types. Between the highrise buildings, the central area to the south is extensively planted, embellished with embankments like military glacis, a large pool and earthworks. At the scale of adjoining buildings, the more mineral courtyards are composed solely of planted geometric forms.

What: landscape project at The Ministry of Defence «East Plot».
Where: The Ministry of Defence «East Plot», Balard, Paris, France
Client: Ministère de la Défense – OPALE Défense
completion 2016/2017
5,6 hectares • 7 800 000 €
Ateliers 2/3/4/ team: Agate Mordka (Director Landscape Division), Aiala Olaberria (Project Manager).
Photographer: ©Nicolas Fussler

Noisy-le-Grand/Bry-sur-Marne – France – Park & external works of international high school

A high school is like a small estate made up of work, recreation, leisure, encounter and shared places. The access as streets, squares provides perspectives that give life to the estate. The new International High School project east of Paris, planned within this urban context, is located within an exceptional site distinguished by three scales of landscape:

-The vast landscape of the district and distant views. The idea to raise the volume creates a horizontal frame that emerged just as the development of a sequenced, view point entrance overlooking Greater Paris.

-The Marne la Vallée urban landscape composed of different yet often heterogeneous neighbourhoods. The intention was to develop an imposing volume, a cube devoid of any stylistic intent, stable within the perspective.

-The immediate landscape of a planted steep slope. With landscaped terraces, the introspective high school found its place attached to the functions shared with the boarding school (dining, sports hall, …).

What: Park & external works of International High School East of Paris
Where: Noisy le grand (93) / Bry Sur Marne (94) – France
Client: Région Ile de France – SAERP
20 000 m² • 2 400 000€
Completion: 2016
Ateliers 2/3/4/ team: Agate Mordka (Director Landscape Division), Juan Francisco Seage, Elise Ratcliff, Sébastien Roussel, (Assistant Project Manager).
Photographer: ©Luc Boegly

Châtenay-Malabry – France – Town entrance

Strategically located at the entrance of a new neighbourhood, the square provides a clear view of the crossroads whilst announcing the future development of the Faculty of Pharmacy. The geo-topographical characteristics of the site, a 5-metre change in level together with its location at the intersection of dense traffic roads, determined the landscape plan. Three horizontal terraces are formed as plateaux ranging from very mineral to extensively planted, with fountains and plenty of seating. They give access to the different building entrances. Located below the rue J.B. Clement gives them protection from nuisances related to the intensity of traffic whilst allowing visual continuity to both sides of the road. The series of steps, tiers, ramps and terraces is treated in natural stone with abondant planting. This new mineral topography integrates all pedestrian movement and access constraints whilst allowing for different uses.

What: town entrance
Where: Châtenay-Malabry, France
Client: SEM 92
4 200 m² • 1 800 000 €
Completion 2016
Ateliers 2/3/4/ team: Agate Mordka (Director Landscape Division), Aiala Olaberria (Project Manager), Juan Francisco Seage, (Assistant Project Manager).
Engineer: Y-ingénierie
Photographer: © Clément Guillaume

Bagneux – France – Housing landscape development

The three buildings in the Grandeur Nature operation are located within a large private garden and take full advantage of the magnificent Bagneux playground. From the street, an alley links the vast transversal porches that give access to the entry halls of each building. Garden and porches provide many friendly places that encourage exchanges between neighbours. All apartments are extended by continuous balconies 160cm deep onto which all rooms open. The perforated aluminium guardrails are, in part, fitted out with storerooms. A dark render enhances the lines of the continuous balconies whose anodized aluminum lining vibrates under the ever-changing sky. Simplicity and rigor underly the identity of this housing complex that gives Grandeur Nature its blatent form and a guarantee of durability.

What: Housing landscape development
Where: Bagneux (92) – France
Client: SEMABA
Completion: 2016
1 245 000€ / 6 000 m² (garden) / 1,6 hectare (park)
Ateliers 2/3/4/ team: Agate Mordka (Director Landscape Division), Sébastien Roussel, (Assistant Project Manager).
Photographer: ©Juan Sepulveda, ©Vincent Mazet

Besançon – France – A remembrance site

Located in the heart of the Parc des Glacis, a bastion of Vauban fortifications, the remembrance site is enclosed by Corten steel walls that cut the ground just like trenches and revel the changes in topography. A glade located in belvedere position, the esplanade enjoys exceptional views over the Doubs valley and the old town. The high steel walls carry with them the engraved memory of the soldiers whilst providing framed views over the surrounding landscape. The site is located on a major traffic artery between the train station and the « Battant » historic neighborhood. Traversed by a very busy pedestrian way, this evocative space thus preserves history from all erosion, that of time and that of the collective memory.

What: a remembrance site
Where: Besançon, France
Client: Ville de Besançon
Completion: 2013
2.500 m² • 850.000 €
Ateliers 2/3/4/ team: Agate Mordka (Director Landscape Division), Aiala Olaberria (Project Manager).
Engineer: SBE
Sculptor: Ousmane Sow
Photographer: © Nicolas Waltefaugle

Published on May 22, 2017

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