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Partero is a creative band of international landscape architects and architects. Located in the alternative city of Brno, the atelier was established in 2006 by Mirka Svorova and Jakub Finger, with their freshly graduated mindset aiming to raise the standards of designed landscapes in CZ. Now ran by Jakub, Partero works on various projects from public to private spaces of different scales. Although small studio, it delivers big, pushing the level of quality and creativity with every new project.

Distilling the Complicated – our work strategy

Daily tasks of landscape architects are never easy. The challenges of creating functional spaces and aesthetically inspiring designs create a synergy of relationships both within the studio and with the clients themselves. We like to think of ourselves more than just dreamers, but as problem solvers. We constantly try to elevate our expertise in adaptation to emerging challenges, ranging from on-the-site construction issues to satisfying the visions of stakeholders. We manage projects from design to implementation, showcasing our ability to both visualize and construct.

Our biggest asset is our diversity. We are 50:50 women/men and 50:50 architects/landscape architects. We recognize the richness and excitement of collaborative work in every stage of a project. Our approach to every site is comprehensive, meticulous and open minded. Whether it’s a lighting element, customized paving or a covering for utility plugs, we’re constantly questioning the possibility of adding another layer of practicality and aesthetics into these secondary details.

We believe in delivering both a quality space and climate-resilient environment, by using sustainable materials and strategies. We believe it is and have always been the only way to work as honest architects. That is also why our gardens have received recognition on different architectural platforms, most importantly the Garden of the Year awards.

Working Inside Out – our internal work life

We understand the importance of creating a strong sense of community within the atelier. We work as a team that recognizes each other’s unique strengths and different talents, ranging from strategic/conceptual thinking to architectural detailing and planting schemes. Life in the studio is never static, debates are often heated and emotional. Everyday temper is calmed with the sensational every-day cooking that bonds us through appreciation of tastes and shared time together.

Working With What We Got – the strength of our context

We are constantly reflecting and learning from our experiences and projects. Over the years, we’ve honed our skills and built our work on the foundations of creating quality space with challenge of somehow limited resources and budget. We’re constantly exploring innovative thinking, techniques, materials, equipments to improve our overall work flow and designed spaces.

We find important to interact with the academic world as well. From giving lectures to attending jury and organizing small workshops, we attempt to pass the knowledge and provoke conversations with the young students of our disciplines. We try to communicate that the principles of good quality lies in delivering clear and strong concepts that extend beyond the spatial design of space but that also adapt to the unpredictable influences of social, cultural and environmental forces.

Published on May 27, 2021

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