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Location: Rotterdam / The Netherlands / Type: Corporate/Company Garden / Built: 2018 /
Published on June 25, 2021

Right across the new Rotterdam Central Station, at the most prominent location of the Central District, FIRST Rotterdam marks the entrance to the city. The 130 meter high tower of FIRST is the new highlight in the Rotterdam skyline. FIRST Rotterdam is part of the redevelopment of the Weenapoint. In addition to the construction of the project FIRST Rotterdam, the existing Weenapoint tower is substantially renovated. The Dome building, a national monument, gets more space and is now situated in a green city oasis. The existing car park building was also renovated and has now green facades. The Dome Building and parking garage are located in the garden. Motorists drive through the garden to the garage and visitors walk from the garage to the offices of First. The design for the garden does not distinguish pedestrian and car accessible areas; the garden exudes an overall atmosphere. Paths and roads are carried out in a baked clinker, planters and grass surfaces are elevated, and thus sitting edges occur. The planters are planted with white flowering plants combined with various ornamental grasses. The planting is attractive in all seasons and carefully chosen to attract bees and butterflies. The city oasis is accessible during daytime. In the garden some canopies are designed to serve as a shelter during a rainy day on the route from the office to the parking garage.


Other designers involved in the design of landscape:Architecten van Mourik design parking garage, Jacqueline van der Kloet plantingplan

Project location: Weena, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Design year: 2015-2016

Year Built: 2018

Photography Luka Karssenberg, and LOOSvanVLIET

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