Obscure Reality

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Location: Beijing / China / Type: Installations / Built: 2018 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on September 6, 2018

Idea Latitude Public Art Institute: Beijing Fun is the closest Chinese-style living experience area to Tiananmen Square. In July 2018, the public art work Obscure Reality floated above the East Square of Beijing Fun. The work was designed by Idea Latitude Public Art Institute and organized by the CCPA of China National Academy of Painting.

Floating Obscure Reality

Obscure Reality pursues the floating image of clouds, closely follows the changing platforms of the square, and echoes the activities of people on the square and surrounding buildings. In Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching, he mentions that “the highest good is like water”. Obscure Reality adjusts the atmosphere of the environment all the time, demonstrating the flowing state of water on the spot.

Originating from Taihu Stone Cutting, 2005

Obscure Reality originated from the author’s series of work Taihu Stone Cutting. Obscure Reality has the same sound with “Taihu Stone” in Chinese. It aims to involve traditional Chinese aesthetics into contemporary practice, integrate environmental elements, and achieve “selflessness, signlessness, infinite”.

Integrating with Obscure Reality

Since the cavalier perspective is usually applied in ancient Chinese scroll paintings, these paintings are interpreted by the audience with their inner feelings instead of a fixed perspective. The audience can interact with Obscure Reality as well.

The variations of the shapes of Obscure Reality push the audience move around it and discover the changes of the patterns of the work. The audience can integrate with the infinite scroll according to their own will and perspective. The elements of this work are presented during the transition between virtuality and reality. People can enter, climb, sit on and play with it.

Office name: Idea Latitude Public Art Institute
Designer: WANG Yonggang
Website: www.ztwd.net
Other designers involved in the design of landscape: FENG Ying, SUN Jiangmei, SHANG Lianfeng, DENG Zhongwen, YE Nan, BAI Xuefeng, CUI Zhulong, HE Yanqing, GAO Tianxia, GE Xiuli

Design organization:
CCPA of China National Academy of Painting

Venue Provider:
Beijing Guangan Holdings Co., Ltd.
Beijing Dasilar-Yongxing Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Beijing Fun Business Management Company

Project Location: East Square of Beijing Fun, Xicheng District, Beijing, China

Design year: 2018
Year Built: 2018

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