Nyhavna Public Space

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In the coming years, Nyhavna in Trondheim will be gradually transformed from an industrial port into a vibrant district where people will inhabit, work and live. The main focus of the assignment was on public spaces, in addition to assessments relating to building structure and the location of schools, nurseries and other public services.

Our goal has been to, through the parallel mission, provide the municipality with the best possible tools to develop Nyhavna over time, in partnership with residents, developers, cultural actors and businesses. We identify the three most important forces at Nyhavna as the water, history and creative power. In the further development of Nyhavna, it is these forces that must be used, strengthened and further developed. Nyhavna will be the blue district – creative, playful and alive. In order to make these qualities flourish, we have proposed a set of rules, some of which are bold goals, some are tangible frameworks for Nyhavna, while others are general principles. Based on these, we have created an area plan for Nyhavna, as well as taking a closer look at 3 sub-areas; Strandveikaia, Kullkranpiren and new Piazza Dora. The rules or guidelines we set proved to be a very good starting point for discussion, citizen participation and step-by-step development strategy.

We have been particularly steadfast in making sure Nyhavna should be built as a city on a human scale. People must be the yardstick and the focus of Nyhavna. It’s about variety in materials, character and urban environment, a scale that is adapted to people and people’s speed, accessibility and greener urban spaces.

Design year: 2019

Other designers involved in the design of landscape (architects and other landscape architects):

Rallar Arkitekter (NO), False Mirror Office (IT)

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