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Location: Berlin / Germany / Type: Parks / Built: 2017 /
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The environment and historical background of the Nordhafenpark creates a unique and diverse urban situation. The park is characterized by the historical basin of Nordhafen, Post-War Modernist structures and open green spaces which are divided by the Nordhafen Bridge. With the construction of the Europacity adjacent, this ambivalent scenario will form a unique and alternative function as a neighborhood park.

The aim of this project was to develop and reconnect parts of the park that were separated by the harbor basin using a series of recurring elements. Based on the movements throughout the site, the existing routes within the park will be transformed by introducing a new network of paths. Benches will be created which follow existing topographical curves allowing visitors to rest, focusing their view onto the harbor basin. Landscape stairs located on the east and west banks create direct lines of sight as well as allowing access between the riparian zone and higher areas. These gently rising staircases are relatively exposed allowing the viewers to spectate the artistic qualities of the channel.

A new planting scheme has relaxed the existing dense vegetation and spaces within the park. The preserved crane sites, historical outlet buildings and the boat docking area will provide a strong connection to original technical function of the site. The architectural features such as garden squares, walls and steps from the 1950s were refurbished.

The historical artefacts which were once used while the port was still functioning and garden structures of the 1950s create unique places. These elements have therefore been preserved in order to develop the Nordhafen Park as an identity bearer in a newly defined urban context. The redesign of this park will help preserve and strengthen the existing historical and structural elements. The Nordhafen Park is an example of a space which could be used as reference in how we can redefine parks in an urban context.

Clients: Bayer Pharma AG / Land Berlin

Project location: Berlin

Area: 25,500 m2

Design and construction period: 2011-2017

Photos: Hanns Joosten

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