New Team of Directors at Bureau B+B

Bureau B+B urbanism and landscape architecture has a new team of directors. Hannah Schubert and Tomas Degenaar have been appointed as directors from 2023. Together with Gert-Jan Wisse, they will lead the design agency, which works on a wide range of landscape architectural and urban assignments at home and abroad. Jeanette Visser is stepping down as a director after 14 years but will remain with the office as senior project leader and member of the management team.

This change of directors fits seamlessly into the tradition of ‘generational change’ within the office. As landscape architects, urban planners, architects and cultural engineers, Bureau B+B has been building a rich portfolio since 1977. The office guarantees continuity and renewal by linking experience to young talent. Bureau B+B is defined by its open and self-managing office culture. ‘Our team of 16 designers is driven, close-knit and diverse. Unique is the equal cooperation and substantive cross-pollination, which have been a constant factor within the office for four decades. As a result, we find refreshing solutions to current issues time and again,’ Hannah explains. ‘I look forward to continuing working with our team with sharpness and boldness on the big issues we face as a profession while adding a new chapter to Bureau B+B’s rich history,’ Tomas adds.

With Tomas and Hannah, the office strengthens its foundation in craftsmanship, design and innovation. Tomas has been project manager at Bureau B+B since 2020. He was educated in Wageningen and worked for several renowned design agencies in the Netherlands and the UK. Hannah joined Bureau B+B in 2018 and studied at the University of Amsterdam, TU Berlin, University of Newcastle upon Tyne and the Academy of Architecture. Gert-Jan: ‘We believe that Tomas and Hannah’s knowledge, experience, design vision and connecting personalities will further strengthen and enrich the office – now and in the future.’

Bureau B+B also has a new website! Besides a broad overview of selected projects, the extensive oeuvre of the office will be made partly accessible for future generations through an archive page.

Published on February 2, 2023

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