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Neue Mitte Wallenhorst

designed by /

Location: Germany / Wallenhorst / Type: Cultural Heritage / Squares and Plazas / Built: 2014 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on January 22, 2021

The original intension to locate the Alexander’s church as dominant as possible and exposed at the mountainside, thereby seeking the relation to the Annachapel at the historic Kirchweg, is now difficult to read in the grown town center of Wallenhorst. The distinctive figure of the centre of Wallenhorst is Saint Alexander’s church, raised on a mountain throne. This image has to be elaborated more clearly. The topographical play is staged on concisely terraces, which are barrier-free accessible with generous ramps. Small greenery is withdrawn for the benefit of the exemption of the remarkable old trees. Instead solitaires pilgrimages alongside the historic church path towards the church.

The relationship between Anna’s chapel and Alexander’s church, which was intended from the origin, is created by an arrangement of stairs. Thus the gently stepped church square with the green terraces of the church hill is experienced as the central square for local life. As addition there will be established small-scaled squares with outside gastronomic qualities and this way there evolve an extended landscape of the town square, which invites to stay and experiences.

Part of a workgroup with frei(RAUM)planung, Landscape design and planning work phases 1-8 HOAI


Other designers involved in the design of landscape (architects and landscape architects):

frei(RAUM)planung (Osnabrück), Ingenieurbüro Hans Tovar & Partner (Osnabrück), Burkhard Wand Lichtplanung (Hamburg)

Project location : Wallenhorst, Germany

Design year: 2009

Year Built: 2014

Manufacturer of urban equipment:

design of the benches and stools by L+, manufactured by Gödde Beton; Lights manufactured by Hess GmbH Licht + Form

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