Lépték-Terv Participates in Népliget – Ideas Competition

The renovation of one of the city’s largest public parks must be planned with resilience in mind. The individual steps should be flexible, logically built upon each other, but also independently viable. Although the task must be approached with a long-term perspective, given its size and nature, there is a need for low-cost but crucial interventions that can be implemented quickly. Breaking the program down into stages and steps means not only sequencing the physical interventions, but also the social and economic activities that build on one another.

Our program revolves around public opinion and engagement, with a key focus on establishing the Népliget identity. This involves creating an associated image and communication strategy, ensuring the digital platform provides sufficient exposure, introducing identity-defining elements, and implementing measures to enhance security. We employ the principles of tactical urbanism and placemaking, enabling us to assess the functionality of the park and identify visitor preferences. This allows us to prioritize our efforts effectively.

The functional conditions necessary for enjoyable park use should be provided without compromising the historical character of Népliget. One response to this is the Rondó, a contemporary interpretation of a typical element of the historic garden structure using contemporary tools. The Rondó, a pavilion system, provides flexible spaces that reinforce the park’s identity, as they are repeated in various sizes throughout the park, with contemporary functions and needs such as outdoor education, exhibitions, events, and playgrounds at their focus. In this way, a contemporary identity can be created from the most classical element of Népliget.

Rondó, the Pavilion System

The principle behind the Rondó’s appearing in the park is to create adaptable, multifunctional, changeable, and inclusive spaces that respond to changing social and physical environments, and at the same time blending into the park. Adapted to the sites and functions with different dimentions, their shape refers to balance, continuity, and free movement. Incorporated installations and functions within the pavilions encourage interactions with park visitors. Thanks to their permeable metal structure and quick adaptability, the Rondó presents numerous different usage scenarios, aiming to increase the area’s flexibility. The pavilion’s lightweight structure allows for the creation of a dynamic fluid space that combines the circular promenade and the building perimeter, allowing users to move freely through the space and make use of the 360-degree landscape while providing flexible functional distribution. Moreover, the pavilions’ lightweight structure makes it possible to preserve all existing trees in their surroundings.

The Rondós are all equipped with Wi-Fi and connected in the cloud through the Népliget application. Events can be followed in the calendar such as exhibitions, open air events and other new functions, thereby ensuring the possibility of continuous functional renewal of the park. The online space also provides the possibility of user feedback on individual events, shorter or longer functions, information, and evaluation.

Our suggestion is to establish a permanent program for four out of the six round pavilions in the park. Two of these pavilions should be designated for long-term use as playgrounds, while another one should be connected to the garden of the senses. The fourth pavilion should function as an outdoor classroom for educational purposes and be equipped with all the necessary equipment. As for the other two Rondós, their flexible design allows them to change functions faster. The artistic Rondó, for example, can be used to host exhibitions and musical events, while the Green Rondó can serve as a venue for various events.

Design year: 2023

Visuals: Lépték-Terv

Published on April 24, 2023

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