Neighborhood Park Åbyen

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Location: Aarhus / Denmark / Type: Residential Parks / Water features / Built: 2018 /
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The city of Aarhus is growing and what used to be a suburban wasteland has now turned into a dense housing area in extension to the inner city. Six apartment blocks and a student house share a small park and are all connected to a rainwater basin in Åbyen. The neighborhood park is conceived as a green area for recreation integrating the rainwater basin as a natural wetland. With its soft curves, natural materials and green landscape the parks offers an atmospheric contrast to the surrounding new buildings.

Towards the south, the basin is set with rough granite stones, securing the sloping terrain, and forming a harbour like barrier to the water. Towards the north, the rainwater basin is surrounded by a hilly topography, grassy slopes, and banks with reeds and grasses. The variety of plants enhances biodiversity in the area. Trees are placed in small groups of both pruned and bushy specimens. Gravel footpaths, looping around the basin, connect the houses, the park and the city.

A wooden pedestrian bridge and several round wooden jetties provide areas for seating and relaxation and make the water accessible. The neighbourhood park connects technical requirements with urban qualities and makes rainwater management part of the public space experience.

Project name: Neighborhood Park Aabyen
Location: Åbyen, Lokesvej, 8230 Aarhus, Denmark
Client: Innovater A/S
Landscape Architect/Designer: MBYland Mette Bruun Yde
Project team: Bodil Veibæk, Kristian Mortensen, Marie Bruun Yde
Photography: Gitte Hansen

Drone photo: Kasper Hornbæk
Architects: P+P Arkitekter
Engineer: Viggo Madsen
Size: 4000 sqm
Opening: 2018

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