Natureza em Risco

Location: Portugal / Type: Installations / Playgrounds / Built:
Published on July 23, 2009

…as we walk past it, will grow a “diary” of the garden, superimposing spontaneous and arbitrary records, productively artistic through the action of the wind on the rods with markers attached to their ends which will operate like a wind printer of the intervention of viewers ready to interact with them, thus creating a drawing of their journey….

Project: Natureza em Risco
Designed by: Lara Plácido /architect, Sara Bento Botelho  /sculptor
Location: Ponte de Lima / Portugal

One thought on "Natureza em Risco by Lara Plácido & Sara Bento Botelho"

  1. Trolha says:

    Lindo, gostei imenso. Uma ideia criativa, sobretudo para as crianças.

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