Nature Park Glauer Felder and Playgrounds

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Location: Germany / Type: Nature Paths / Parks / Built: 2015 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on June 1, 2021

The Glau Fields are an extensive nature park landscape, which is located on a former military area. In the form of an interactive open space exhibition around the NaturParkZentrum the landscape is made experiencable for the general public.

The diversity of the nature reserve and regional characteristics are dynamically displayed. Environmental education points provide interactive information regarding the nature reserve.

The conversion of these former military areas is also presented with its ecological effects. Relics and materials from this period are conceptually included.

Cultivated landscape and succession areas are interestingly contrasted and interlocked with each other. Visitors are thus made aware that the nature reserve is not a static landscape, but constantly changing with its diversity also being determined by human influences or their absence.

Two playgrounds complete the site: The ‘playground for all’ is an important element in experiencing the nature reserve through all the senses. Both the spider and the seesaw can be accessed barrier-free. In addition to this, colours are used to facilitate orientation for the visually impaired. The ‘toddlers playground’ features play sculptures by the wood artist Giesbert Baarmann, depicting the animal world living in the reserve.

In the vicinity of the visitor centre, there is an attractive lounge area and a water play park. It is built around the fairytale of the Frog Prince and includes a small pool.

Location: Glauer Tal, Brandenburg

Design: hochC Landscape Architects
Involved Parties: Design concept (student competition) and project preparation Anna Vogels / Franz Reschke

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