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Location: Spain / Type: Parks / Rest stops / Built: 2004 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on May 17, 2011

EMF M. Franch, E. Micaló, M. Llenas: Project management Coll de Can Massana as a recreational area and ‘door’ in Montserrat Natural Park in order to reconcile the public with a respectful use of the massif. The project explores different relations with the topography of the site from the reinterpretation of existing terraces, and features of the mountain cliffs. The new topography to sort and segregate the traffic and the creation of new space vision and it’s relationship to the landscape.

Landscape Architecture: EMF M. Franch, E. Micaló, M. Llenas
Location: Coll de Can Massana a Montserrat. Barcelona
Promoter: Fundació Territori i Paisatge
Area: 8.500 m2
Design: 2004
Construction: 2004
Cost: 117.800 € or 13,85 € / m2
Photos: Martí Franch

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