Myyrmäki Sports Park

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Location: Finland / Type: Playgrounds / Skate / Sport & Recreation / Built: 2021 /
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Myyrmäki Sports Park is a versatile sports and exercise center in the city of Vantaa. The area was developed as a part of the growing Myyrmäki region. The redevelopment sought to balance the growing number of users, transport facilities and natural values of the site, as well as to strengthen the image of the area.

The redeveloped area is in a prime location at the heart of the bigger sports park area. It forms an event space in front of the Myyrmäki Hall. Covering an area of around 4.9 hectares, the area includes a mini football arena, a small multi-purpose arena, a basketball court, climbing sculptures, a balance area, a fitness area, a trampoline area, and the largest skate park in the Nordic countries. The aim was to create a meeting place for different sports and user groups and to attract people to move around. Young people and skateboarding enthusiasts from the area were involved in the design process.

The overall appearance of the park was designed to be cheerful, fresh, and green. The design area was given a recognizable look and feel, and its style was adapted to the buildings and the style of the surroundings. The focus was on providing safe and accessible exercise area and improve the existing park in terms of functionality. Therefore, island-like areas with different sports facilities were placed between access routes. This gave rise to the idea of a landscape architectural structuring of the site. The park was praised for its versatile functions and how it accommodates users from all the age groups and different sports. in It received a nomination as one of the six finalists in the Environmental Structure of the Year 2021 awards.

The potential for everyday use of the area was increased while maintaining the conditions for the organization of major events. The open spaces in front of the halls were designed as functional outdoor spaces, considering temporary event uses. Residents discovered the new park as soon as the first construction phase was completed. Now the area is very popular, even crowded, and sometimes there are queues for the equipment. This popularity has led to requests for similar designs elsewhere in the city.


Landscape Architecture: Loci

Other designers involved in the design of landscape:
Skate park design: Janne Saario
Lighting design: Lighting Design Collective Ltd
Electricity design: LiCon At Ltd
Structural engineering: Plan B Korjaussuunnittelupalvelut Ltd
Geo-, infra-, stormwater engineering: Finnmap Infra Ltd
Traffic Engineering: WSP Finland Ltd
Area: 4,9 ha
Design year: 2017-2021
Year Built: 2021
Loci Landscape Architects
Pyry Kantonen Photography

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