Modus Vibhavadi

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Location: Bangkok / Thailand / Type: Parks / Built: 2017 /
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Kernel Design: This project is the main park of housing estate named Modus Vibhavadi, which located on Vibhavadi road in Bangkok, Thailand. The park is a rectangular shape and has an area of 1,754 square meters with a small clubhouse including a gym, juristic office and toilets. By teamwork between the architect and the landscape architect of this project, the idea of V-character was distinctly emphasized in the components of this main park. (V is from the letter in the project’s name, Modus Vibhavadi.) The V elements were well integrated into the landscape features, which composed of the pattern of grey and black colors on the floor, pop-up V seats, planting areas, planter boxes and even the V-shaped lighting on the black steel wall. Additionally, the wall acts as the gateway of the garden and is continuously designed to connect the vision between the garden and the building. In the relationship between the landscape and the architecture, the elements of the garden link to the building by expanding the V pattern on the floor and ceiling.

The longest side of this park, which is 63 meters length, is next to an internal road. To clearly define space for privacy, the sloped planter box was created as a low berm to buffer the pollution from the traffic.

There are many different spot areas for supporting various activities and people in this park. The shading plaza is the relaxing area for sitting on the V seats underneath the group of trees.
The sunny plaza located in front of the clubhouse is space for active activities such as outdoor finest, Tai Chi, multi-purpose events and so on. And this area can expand the activities into the adjacent big lawn area for supporting the larger activities and the number of people. Additionally, there is a playground area for kids next to the shading plaza. the playground equipment is installed on the EPDM floor for preventing falls of the children.

Landscape Architect: Kernel Design

Other designers involved in the design of landscape:
Lead Landscape Architect: Ponlawat Pootai
Other participants
Client: M.K. Real Estate Development Public Company Limited
Design Consultant: Studio W Company Limited
Architect: Poonsook Architects Co., Ltd.
Hardscape Contractor: M.K. Real Estate Development Public Company Limited
Softscape Contractor: M.K. Real Estate Development Public Company Limited

Project location: Chuan Chuen Modus Vibhavadi, Vibhavadi Road, Si Kan District, Don Mueang, Bangkok 10210, Thailand ( 13.8892212,100.5908258 )
Design year: 2016
Year Built: 2017
Size: 1,754 SQ.M.

Photo credits: Panoramic Studio

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