Modelur is an easy-to-use, yet very powerful urban design parametric extension for SketchUp, designed to help you create multiple urban massing scenarios up to 5x faster without manually recalculating numbers in spreadsheets.

It calculates key urban control parameters automatically in real-time (e.g. GFA, FAR, the required number of parking lots, etc.), provides quantitative and qualitative data visualization in 3D, and thus delivers important information while the design is still evolving.

It enables you to work 3-5 times faster, quickly create, compare and evaluate different design alternatives, and easily validate them against a city’s zoning ordinance. This way it fosters well-informed decision-making during the earliest stages when design decisions have the highest impact, and with a higher level of confidence and development attractiveness for clients.

AgiliCity is an EU-based startup that develops smart tools for more efficient city planning and design. Our customers include companies like AECOM, Gensler or Richez_Associes, and cities like Amsterdam, Oslo or Minneapolis who rely on Modelur to optimize the potential of new development sites, reduce costs and deliver their projects faster.

Key Features:

● Parametric Buildings, City Blocks, and Land Uses
● Interactive 3D Zoning™
Urban Massing Generator
● LiveSync to Excel
● Real-time calculation of key urban performance indicators
● Real-time zoning compliance check (eg. FAR is exceeded etc.)
● One-click Import of OSM 3D buildings
● GIS import and export

Modelur Youtube Channel

OSM IMPORT (11:04):  is presenting different ways of importing OSM data to SketchUp, including how to do it in Modelur.

MASSING GENERATOR: is a Modelur Massing Generator Tutorial

AgiliCity d.o.o. / Pri malem kamnu 11 / SI-1210 Ljubljana / Slovenia (EU)
+386 (0)5 901 87 98

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