Thank you, Chicago!

We are excited about receiving the latest design award. The multifunctional Cuby gazebo and Polys variable planter won the prestigious GOOD DESIGN 2022 award. The designers were David Karásek, Viktor Šašinka and Michael Tomalik.

This famous award was founded in 1950 by designers who were renowned at the time, namely Eero Saarinen and the spouses Charles and Ray Eames. To this day, it remains the oldest and most globally recognised awards programme to honour high-quality design worldwide. It is organised under the auspices of The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. The number of contenders for the design award has grown continuously over the years, with 2022 proving to be a record-breaking year according to the organisers. We are therefore all the more pleased that this year’s list of awardees includes a Czech brand again.

Polys, many reasons for a single solution.

A modular system of planters, the variability of which offers a broad spectrum of use both outdoors and indoors. „The vegetation grows in cylindrical containers of various diameters and heights, which seem to grow from a platform that joins all the containers into a single whole,“ describes the designer, Michael Tomalik, of his intention. „Together with the containers, the vegetation becomes part of a living whole, a sort of micro-landscape in which each plant only makes sense in relation to the others,“ concludes Tomalik. David Karásek, in whose design studio the product was created, explains: „Polys draws inspiration from a free arrangement of planters as seen in garden centres or on shelves at home. This product brings order to arrangements of the like and takes this aesthetic into public spaces.“

Wherever, Cuby outdoors.

„We want to live outdoors. This is both our motto and what drives our creativity,“ says Viktor Šašinka, co-designer of the Cuby gazebo. To work, study, dine or just lounge. From these needs and a love of public spaces, the Cuby series was born. The cubic structure delineates space that can be used for a variety of purposes in any place. The durable and robust frame is the basis for almost unlimited chameleon-like transformations. A closed cell surrounded by wood isolates you from the outside world, while the louvre wall changes a hiding place into a fully transparent one in a single move. You can relax on loungers or a daydream bed, or use a dining table with benches, including LED lights and USB chargers, as an outdoor office. Cuby can be stand-alone or part of multiple-element assemblies. It can be anchored under tiling or on tiling with its own floor. It is a strong response to a demand for greater intimacy in public spaces – and so much more.

Published on January 26, 2023

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