Hope Gardens / Bushwick (Brooklyn), NY

Reimagining Hope Gardens was a daunting task for the landscape architects at WRT. The project of affordable housing in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighbourhood consisted of 60 scattered-site multifamily properties with 1,321 units. Bushwick is very densely populated with mostly working-class families. There are a handful of pocket parks throughout Bushwick. The total area of Bushwick is 2.34 square miles with a population of 130,000+ with less than 8% open space. The ratio of open space to population density is very low. WRT sought to not just add more frequently occurring open space, but also higher quality open space.

Many of the existing open spaces have a bit of urban decay with a palette of drab colours and harsh materials. To increase the quality of the spaces, WRT chose bright yellow colours to bring light and calm to these very small, interior-block gathering areas. The scale of these spaces varies but most of them back up to residential buildings. They are at once “owned” by the families connected to them. With community ownership in mind, WRT selected street furniture that is handsome, durable, and economically friendly.

The bright yellow on the Rauster promotes its light & lively stance. The geometry of Rauster is strong yet inviting which is exactly what is called for in these spaces.

The bright yellow on Tably with the gameboard adds an invitation to sit and play. With Radium seating around Tably, the area is defined and has visual strength.

Vera benches are used generously throughout the spaces for their comfort and visual elegance.

Bikepark bicycle racks offer fun, personalized places, in the shape of “P” to secure residents’ bicycles.

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Published on October 11, 2022

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